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Need For Career Counselling

Padmavathi feels there are still many students struggling to find the right career choice. Most of them succumb to the peer and family pressure and take up careers with a half-baked approach and repent later. Many commit a lot of unforced errors and lose the game.

She reiterates the importance of psychometric assessments and says that every child should take an assessment to identify his/her strengths and interests, and work on to capitalize on them.

On top of it, many of them don’t pursue active sports in schools and those who do are unable to fit it in the college applications. And many are unaware of sports-based scholarships given by universities across the globe.

All these factors prompted Padmavathi to take up career counselling and help students to get closer to their dreams.

Expertise of Padmavathi Devarakonda

Padmavathi blends her sporting passion with flair for career guidance. She has designed a mechanism to efficiently plug-in the sporting achievements in the college applications. She is a lover of tennis and brings the vibrance and vigor of the sport to her career counselling.

She enjoys meeting new people and sharing information. What appeals to her is the reach of her guidance message. She believes the class 9 and 10 are the crucial stages of students’ career as they are in the formative frames. They are aggressive, hyper, inquisitive and confused at the same time. Any wrong piece of advice can mar their chances of touching the pinnacle of success. Right there, Padmavathi gives a customized guidance solutions for a sparkling career.